Why Mauritius is the perfect spot for a family holiday

Last month Julien, Head of Digital at Giltedge, went on a holiday to Mauritius with his wife, three children and mom. Travelling with kids can come with its challenges, but resorts that cater to all family members is the secret tip to a happy holiday.

Julien stayed at Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers for a couple of days and we chatted to him about his experience there. Read to find out if he’d recommend it for young families…

How did you get there?

We were coming from Reunion Island, so the flight was a quick 40 minutes. Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by Giltedge’s on-the-ground DMC (‘Emotions’) who were expecting us with a welcome board. From there ‘Emotions’ took care of everything like putting our luggage in the car, adjusting kids’ car seats, offering refreshments while we waited etc. The journey from the airport to the resort took 1h15mn but it was comfortable.

What first your first impression of the resort?

We were all so excited so the expectations were high! Once we arrive at the hotel, we were greeted by one of the hotel’s customer service reps who directed us to a seating area; the check-in was amazing… we just handed them our passports and didn’t have to sign any lengthy documents.

This all took 5 to 10 minutes and then they took another 5 minutes to explain the main information about the hotel. We were then directed to our rooms – right in front of the beach!

Would you recommend La Pointe aux Canonniers? 

It’s a newly renovated hotel with all amenities; the beach wraps around the point so you have different sections but they’re all perfect! There are three different swimming pools as well as a central bar and chilling areas. Due to our great room location, the kids didn’t have to go far to get to all the main ‘spots’ so we felt at ease with letting them wander around. The all-inclusive meals were perfect for the kids as they just could always find something they wanted and we enjoyed not having to cook… and enjoy a cocktail on the side.

What did your kids love about the resort?

The resort has a Kids Club included that’s suitable for all ages, but our three kids wanted to stay with us. My nephew, however, attended the kids’ club and he loved the many activities like the glass-bottom boat, games, pool etc. My kids loved the pool, the friendliness of the staff, the diversity and quality of the food and the just-so-perfect scenery.

Would you recommend it to our clients?

I would indeed recommend it for those looking for family time and for parents who want to decompress after a busy safari or exploring Reunion Island. It’s the kind of place where you arrive at the resort, make the most of absolutely everything that it offers and leave days later wondering where the time had gone… And without worrying about anything in between.

Name one favourite moment of your holiday…

We left on the 14th July – Bastille Day – so the whole resort was prepped for that special occasion with ribbons, flags, music, dress-ups etc. that started at breakfast. The staff and kids participated in a mock ‘revolution’ by storming a fake castle that had been erected on the beach volleyball court. Kids and parents then threw water and flour bombs at the ‘King’ and ’Queen’ of France as a sign of revolt. It was so much fun for the kids (and parents)! It just shows the effort that Club Med goes to in making every day memorable for its guests.

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Written by: Julien Perreard