Explore the Outer Islands of Seychelles

The Seychelles is made up of over 100 islands, situated about 1000 miles off Africa’s east coast in the Indian Ocean. While the three biggest islands (Mahé, Praslin and La Digue) are popular for guests – the secluded outer islands are great for explorers!

Remote and untouched – that’s the drawcard of Seychelles’ Outer Islands. It’s about discreet service, barefoot luxury, azure waters and an amazing overall experience. We’re sure that David Attenborough would never want to leave this paradise!

Outer Islands Seychelles

We always recommend Blue Safari Seychelles to our guests. The company was launched in 2018 by Alphonse Island to allow people to explore these small islands and fragile atolls of the Outer Islands.

Outer Islands Seychelles

Our director Sean Kritzinger visited Alphonse Island (part of Blue Safari Seychelles) in December 2017. He says,

“A stay at Alphonse Island is not like a stay at your typical luxury resort. It’s much more ‘real’. Alphonse is almost totally self-sufficient. They have carved their own runway onto the island, use solar power and have a desalination plant.”

Read his full review here.


What are the Outer Islands of Seychelles?

The Outer Islands in the Seychelles are made up of 72 coral islands and 4 atolls. For those that don’t know, an atoll is a coral reef in the shape of a ring that encircles a lagoon. Because the main islands have been marketed to visitors for decades, Seychelles’ Outer Islands are largely unknown. Blue Safari Seychelles is now giving these islands access and exposure.

Outer Islands Seychelles


What will I experience on the Outer Islands?

As one of the last untouched frontiers, this marine playground has loads of activities and experiences to offer visitors who want to discover the Indian Ocean’s natural wonders.

One of the best things about the islands are: gorgeous beaches with azure waters where you won’t see other people around. The area is wild and raw; conservation is one of the brand’s biggest priorities and they consider themselves stewards of the Outer Islands.

Outer Islands Seychelles

The Outer Islands offer fantastic experiences such as the reef flats expedition & lunch, snorkelling, turtle spotting & turtle hatching, catch-and-release fishing, snorkelling with sailfish or manta rays.

Outer Islands Seychelles


What’s the accommodation like?

Blue Safari Seychelles owns 3 lodges on separate islands in the Seychelles. Alphonse Island Lodge is the flagship of Blue Safari Seychelles and was the brand’s first lodge to be built.

Alphonse Island has 30 beach bungalows, 5 beach suites with private pools and 2 beach villas. It’s located 1-hour flight from Mahé.

Cosmoledo Eco Camp 
is the single, new eco-camp on Wizard Island offers 8 eco pods. The island is a haven for turtles, seabirds and fish.

Outer Islands Seychelles

Outer Islands Seychelles

 Astove Coral House is newly renovated and caters for only a few guests at a time. Astove Atoll is one of the most rugged islands in the Outer Islands in Seychelles. From fly fishing to diving – this is an outdoor lovers playground.

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